CapCut for PC, Windows, Desktop & Laptop

CapCut is one of the esteemed and renowned video editing applications that is available for all mobile platforms as well as desktop and laptop Windows PCs. This all-in-one video editor has a wide array of features and advanced techniques. CapCut is one of the most used video editing software with over a million users from all across the globe.

With its user-friendly, easy-to-use interface and traditional tools like trimming, resizing, or adjusting users can create an eye-catching and appealing video. With CapCut you can also enhance your ordinary clip into a charming and striking video by adding its cool effects, stickers, transitions, and overlay texts, which is sure to get you a complimentary video that you can add to your Instagram reels or TikTok.

Best Features for Beginners:-

  • It is completely free to use.
  • It is available for both mobile devices and computers.
  • CapCut also allows you to adjust your video by changing the brightness, speed, or trimming, cropping the video to your liking.
  • It has its own audio gallery that you can use to add background music to your videos. You can also extract audio from another video.
  • You can choose from a wide range of filters and effects that you can use to apply to your videos. You can create custom effects, stickers, and filters.

What are the primary requirements to Install Cap Cut on PC?

No doubt your work efficiency will boost multiple times when you use Cap Cut Mod APK on PC rather than Android or iOS, But for boosting work capability your PC should meet the following requirements

  • DirectX: Version 9 (minimum needed) DirectX 12 API, Hardware feature level 12 (recommended)
  • Operating System (OS): Windows 10 version 0.0 or higher is required for smooth working
  • Memory (RAM): 8 GB (minimum requirement) 16 GB (recommended)
  • Video Memory (ROM): 2 GB (essential) and 6 GB (suggested)
  • Keyboard: Integrated mouse recommended
  • Mouse: Integrated mouse recommended
  • Architecture: x64

How to Install Capcut Pro APK from PC?

  1. Click on the search bar shown in the bottom left corner of your PC/Laptop home screen
  2. Search Microsoft Store in it,
  3. then click on the Microsoft Store icon and search “CapCut latest version” in the top central search bar
  4. Then locate the CapCut app which has a white backend with having black logo inside it which is provided by Bytedance and “Size 609 MB”
  5. Then press on Install button
  6. It takes a few minutes to install due to its large size and also depends on your internet connection (remain calm)
  7. After completing the process of installation
  8. It will automatically show you on your PC/Laptop Home Screen
  9. Double Click on the installed app If your system should fulfill all basic requirements then it will show you this notification, Click on confirm.

You can also, Download CapCut for IOS and Android.

Does Tiktok own CapCut?

Tiktok and CapCut are both owned by the same Chinese company ByteDance Ltd.

Does CapCut for PC has pro features?

Yes, CapCut pro is available on PC version with new pro features.

Do I need an emulator to use CapCut for PC?

No, CapCut is a free software that you can download and install on your PC without using any third-party program.

Does CapCut put watermarks on your videos?

Yes, CapCut puts a watermark at the end of your videos but you can remove it by paying for it or just simply trim your video if you don’t want to spend money on it.

How do you share projects in CapCut?

You can share your videos in CapCut by exporting them to your device. You can share it directly on social media platforms or by copying the link.

How much space is required for CapCut for PC?

CapCut requires at least 4GB RAM and 2GB GPU with NVIDIA GT 630/650m, AMD Radeon HD6570 graphics card.

Is CapCut free for PC?

Yes, CapCut is absolutely free and has most of its basic editing tools and features available at no price. However, CapCut has a pro version where you have to pay to use some special features.

Can a beginner use CapCut for editing videos?

Yes, CapCut has an unproblematic and user-friendly interface that is quite straightforward and can be used by complete beginners. It also offers guidance or tutorials to new users to make it accessible for them.

What are the system requirements for CapCut for PCs?

CapCut requires the operating system to have Windows 7, 8, 10, or 11 with sufficient storage space and RAM. Make sure that you check the requirements before downloading CapCut on your device.

Do you have to subscribe to both CapCut mobile and desktop separately if you want to use pro features on both platforms?

If you have an account then you just simply have to log in on your desktop and the pro features will be there.